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    "Who needed you anyway!?"

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  2. Biggest indoor climbing I’ve ever seen!!

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    Hall of Fame.2nd Duke Contest.Among those pictured are Fred Hemmings, Clyde Aikau, Miki Dora, Paul Strauch, Eddie Aikau, Doug Hauet, Rick Grigg, Mike Doyle, Corky Carroll, Greg Noll, and Mike Hynson, at Val Valentine’s house / Tim McCullough ph


  4.  I am in love with these colors.

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  5. Nice little weekender

  6. 😦

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  12. Imagining if this were mine

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    Crooked River, Oregon

    Ray Atkeson © 1968

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    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - England - 1943

    During the 8th Air Force’s massive bombing campaign of occupied Europe, a B-17 had a mid air collision with a German fighter.  With the tail almost completely sliced off, the crew actually went on to complete their bombing run.  The tail gunner remained in the tail section due to his weight decreasing vibrations in the tail.  The crew used their parachute lines to help keep the tail, and tail gunner, with the rest of the aircraft until they made it back to England.  

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